Helping Clients To Create New Business Opportunities By Solving Their Technology Challenges.

Since 2005, BFS Innovations has provided Fortune 500 clients an array of custom technology solution options to address thorny product development challenges.

BFS Innovations provides a full range of professional services:

Helping Brands Succeed With Custom Technical Solutions

Our clients are among the world’s largest and most respected consumer products companies. BFS innovations works with companies including Procter and Gamble, Dial/Henkel, Crayola, Tupperware, Amway, Beiersdorf, and JC Penney to help them achieve success through targeted and creative technology solutions.

Helping Clients Succeed With Targeted And Creative Technology Solutions



“Michael excels at pairing product with opportunity. I can say with a great degree of confidence that we would have never found his products, nor would they have ever found us, had he not played ‘matchmaker.’ He took a genuine interest in what I, the customer, had to say, good or bad, but never wavered as the brand champion. Our company can sometimes be a slow mover, and Michael balanced passion and urgency, with exceeding patience.” 
-Frank Cienniwa, Merchandise Director, Galls, an Aramark Company

“Michael is an enthusiastic, passionate, talented professional who knows how to capitalize on innovative technologies to create consumer-relevant product concepts. I have had the pleasure to work with Michael as a colleague (Bristol-Myers Squibb/Drackett) as well as to collaborate with his firm, BFS Innovations. He is smart, creative and fun – I highly recommend him.”
-Deb Gnau, Partner, The Chesapeake Group, Inc.