We Help Our Clients Solve Their New Product Development Challenges

Since 2005, we have helped our Fortune 500 clients to solve diverse new product development challenges, including identifying unique solutions our competitors wouldn't think to consider.

What you can expect from BFS Innovations:
Opportunity Identification ("What is Possible")
Conceive business/product opportunities that leverage consumer insights and performance technologies, including business case foundations.
Multi-Disciplinary ("What Extends Potential")
Highly skilled at recognizing cross-category technology application opportunities and enabling technology alternatives. 
Problem Solving ("What is Needed")
Rapid technology scouting, including technology provider screening/pre-qualification. 
Capability Recruitment ("Who is Needed")
Extensive network of professional, proven resources with product formulation, package design, package graphic design, and manufacturing.

We are highly collaborative, fast and flexible.

We don't just accept a brief and return with a report.

We immerse ourselves in the challenge and continually report observations and learnings to our clients.

We discuss our findings and can make adjustments to our search strategy if necessary, to ensure the most precise and useful solution options.

Here's What We Bring to the Table:

Our extensive cross-category experience and expertise enables us to formulate hypotheses and to explore solution options that our competitors wouldn’t think to propose.
We uncover information that our competitors won't - we don’t just report publicly available information. We will seek out and where appropriate, directly contact technology providers to learn what isn’t readily known about the technology. By doing this, we often uncover unpublicized information that can lead to superior solutions and options.
We’re business-focused. We go beyond identifying technology solutions and can help clients to build attractive, strategically-relevant, customer insight-driven, new business opportunities inspired by the solutions we’ve identified.

BFS Innovations provides a full range of professional services

Technology Scouting

Using a powerful combination of proprietary and public domain search tools, a disciplined approach and probing curiosity, we quickly and efficiently identify viable technical leads that target our clients' challenges. We directly contact technology provider candidates and "drill down" for information while keeping our clients' identity confidential until the ideal solution is found.

Collaborative Exploration

We use a creative collaboration service that provides our clients' Marketing and R&D partners with enabling technologies (some using lateral translation) to help flesh out and demonstrate new product concepts, while concept development is in progress. This collaborative process not only helps fuel the creative process, but also offers feasible solutions by identifying and enabling relevant technology options as concepts are being developed.

Expert Research

We can help clients to vet technology provider leads that they themselves have collected through BFS Innovations' expert research methodology. This service saves our clients valuable time and can reveal unexpected provider capabilities and opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked in an initial search. BFS Innovations issues a complete report on the technology provider(s), including areas of interest (and concern), and recommendations.

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