The difference between a bad idea and a great one can be minor.


Many dramatized mysteries include a "Eureka moment" where the protagonist achieves a moment of supreme clarity that enables him/her to solve a particularly perplexing puzzle. This happens in real life, too. Curious to learn more? Read on, dear friends...


Have you entertained the notion of becoming an independent consultant? It can be a very appealing career choice. It isn't the right one for everyone. Is it right for you?

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Greetings! A new product requires two essential components in order to successfully survive the corporate gauntlet: a strong business concept and a protective and persuasive product champion. Current corporate external innovation management processes don't cultivate either of these things. I have a prescription for strong medicine to help fix this.

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Position External Innovations For Success


Brokers, connectors, matchmakers, headhunters, scouts and other intermediaries can help bring about desired connections. So, what's an introduction worth?

Relationships are integral to how business gets done. In recent years, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) has helped enable connections...either directly, or though a shared contact.


People vary in terms of their individual risk tolerance when making personal and business decisions. Do you find yourself (or someone you know) to be overly anxious in these situations? Here's how to overcome decision making anxiety.

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In speaking with clients and colleagues about the importance we place on individuals keeping their commitments, we uniformly agree that this is key to maintaining good relationships. Many cite "I've been really busy" (IBRB) as being a common excuse given by those who haven't met a time-bounded obligation. What is it about IBRB that makes it the apparent go-to excuse to explain a failure to keep one's word? And why do most of us loathe it so much when it is used with us?

I've repeatedly learned that people often don't share the same expectations when undertaking an endeavor least not initially. These mismatches can create a foundation for frustration and potentially, failure. 

Have any of you parents out there ever asked your teenager to clean his or her bedroom? Sure you have. Is your definition of clean the same as theirs? Probably not.

When the going gets tough...

Greetings! It is tough to be an entrepreneur. Both the risks and the rewards can be great. Some make it, many others don't.

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Entrepreneurial Life and Death

What's an introduction worth?

Greetings! Business professionals can attach high value to having someone selectively connect them with another professional to explore collective benefit. What's this networking service worth?

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The Economics of Networking


Which is worth more: ice or water?

While the two are chemically identical, their respective value will be different to a hockey player and or a swimmer. Corporate technology can be thought of similarly: the same technology may have different value to different customers, depending upon how it is to be used and by whom.   

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Proximity matters

Greetings! I had a phone chat with a longtime friend and business colleague of mine to discuss engaging with startups as a means of helping my client to accelerate his company's innovation efforts. I wanted to learn how to connect with the most suitable startups in my client's market space. She began her remarks by advising me: "If you want to be in the game, you need to be at the table."

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Greetings! In product concept development, marketers tend to invest most of their time in getting the features and benefits customer language right. They spend much less time focusing on how to describe the technology used to deliver the benefits. I feel they should reconsider this prioritization approach.

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In New Product Concept Testing, The "How" Matters

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