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Professional New Business Development Support For Technology Providers

Our longstanding relationships with Fortune 500 executives and decision makers have earned us direct access to these key stakeholders. Our proven new business development expertise results in shortened deal cycle timing. We assist technology provider clients in negotiating lucrative, mutually beneficial deals, all while maintaining unassailable honesty and integrity. If you have an invention that you wish for us to evaluate, download our Idea Submission Procedure Brochure below. We welcome the opportunity to review your idea at no cost to you. Please send the signed Outside Submission Agreement, the enclosed Invention Disclosure form, and any attachments to: 

BFS Innovations, Inc. 
Attention: Invention Submission 
6390 N. Meadow Glen Dr.
Westerville, Ohio 43082

Or, you may scan and email us the above documents

Click here to download the Idea Submission Procedure PDF Brochure 
You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print this file. If you need Acrobat Reader, you can download it here.

Note: It is our experience that for legal reasons, most prospective customers within our extensive network are unwilling to review inventions that are not already patented or, at minimum, patent pending. 

Any invention submitted without an accompanying Outside Submission Agreement (contained in the Idea Submission Procedure Brochure) will be considered a non-confidential idea submission with all rights waived. In this instance, BFS innovations, Inc. will be free to use it (or not) as it deems appropriate, and may destroy your ability to obtain a patent.

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