Which Has Greater Value: Ice or Water?

Monday, 20 February 2017 07:40
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Which is worth more: ice or water?

While the two are chemically identical, their respective value will be different to a hockey player and or a swimmer. Corporate technology can be thought of similarly: the same technology may have different value to different customers, depending upon how it is to be used and by whom.   

Curious to learn more? Read on, dear friends... 

Which Has Greater Value: Ice or Water? 

Last week, I spoke with the CEO of a consumer products company. I told him that I had 3 different products for his consideration:   (1) a chemical free, non-alcohol containing, FDA approved hand sanitizer, (2) a chemical free, non-drying, nipple soother/healer for breast-feeding mothers, (3) a chemical free, FDA approved, diaper rash irritation quencher and healer. Just apply before diaper creme and watch the redness vanish. He expressed high interest in the 3rd product.  

These 3 products are essentially identical and apply the HOCl technology that I have described in a recent newsletter. So why would he choose one product above the others? The key difference between them was their positioning.   

There may be multiple known problems that a given robust technology is able to effectively and uniquely solve. Once we understand how a technology works and how it performs relative to existing alternatives, the marketing work can begin.  

Consider another example:  

(1) a chemical free, fragrance free, spray-on fabric deodorizer/sanitizer. Just spray it on clothing or upholstery to quickly sanitize/refresh them. Not even Febreze can offer this combination of benefits.

(2) a no-rinse, chemical-free, EPA approved disinfectant that has been used in hospital neonatal intensive care units for years. It's now available for consumer use. Superior to bleach and other harmful chemicals for safe and effective use around children in nurseries, day care centers, inside refrigerators, and more,

(3) a totally safe, chemical free, no-rinse baby pacifier cleanser/sanitizer. Just spray on baby's Binky and you're good to go.  

Yes, all 3 of these products also use exactly the same technology as described in the first paragraph above.   

Contact me today to learn how you can make your company's technologies work a lot harder, without new investment.   

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