Speak Directly With External Technology Partners Without Prematurely Revealing Your Identity

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 10:54
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Speak Directly With External Technology Providers Without Revealing Your Identity One of the more challenging aspects of external innovation for larger companies can be deciding when to reveal their identity to prospective technology partners.

Quite often, publicly available information about partners and their technologies can be limited, so companies ideally would like to learn more information before deciding whether or not to make direct contact with them. Unfortunately, if they contact them directly, the company risks revealing their identity and their strategic intentions before they know if the partner and or their technology represents a good fit for them.

Sometimes, companies may choose to use an intermediary to ask questions of the provider in their behalf, without revealing their identity. However, even this approach can have limitations, especially if the information sought requires a more in depth understanding of the subject area than an intermediary may bring to the discussion.

Because this need is so common, BFS provides clients the ability to participate in conference calls with technology providers...without needing to prematurely identify themselves. How does this work? BFS describes the client and their interest to the provider without specifically identifying them. We explain the client's desire to ensure fit before they reveal their identity and their wish for greater understanding of the technology and/or partner capability. Usually, this is sufficient to gain the partner's willingness to participate in an introductory, exploratory phone conference.

Since BFS organizes and facilitates the call, the client's identity is shielded from the technology provider until (or if) the client elects to reveal it.

If you are interested in learning more about this service, please contact me today.

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