Remarkably Robust Yet Completely Safe Sanitizer

Tuesday, 15 November 2016 07:32
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Greetings! If you're a regular reader of this newsletter, you will know that I occasionally discuss how some technology platforms can successfully translate from one product category to others. We represent a remarkably robust one that does this extremely well.

Curious to learn more? Read on, dear friends...

Remarkably Robust Yet Completely Safe Sanitizer

A toddler has just dropped its pacifier on the pavement while walking with his mother in an outdoor park. Noticing this, Mom scoops it up and wants to clean and disinfect it before returning it to her child's mouth. She would wash it with soap and water if only this were available...which it's not.

Fortunately, she can rinse it with our pacifier cleanser made with a highly effective EPA and EU Biocide/CE approved disinfectant/sanitizer cleaner technology...that is currently approved as a hospital grade disinfectant AND is as safe as saline solution.

This same technology (HOCl) can be used as a spray on/no-rinse disinfectant sanitizer for food cutting boards.

You may ask, isn't HOCl just weak bleach? Unlike bleach, which can be toxic to consume, HOCl is completely fact, it is a material that can be naturally found inside our bodies. If you wanted to spray our HOCl on cat litter you could legally claim that it disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes SAFELY.If you did this with bleach (weak or otherwise), and your cat licked its paws, it would be unsafe and possibly harmful to your cat. Our HOCl is totally benign to humans and animals. HOCl kills cold and flu and MRSA Herpes, H1N1 and more. And unlike bleach, HOCl is approved for use as a sanitizer.

As remarkable as HOCl is on hard surfaces, it is also extremely effective (and FDA approved) for use on skin. HOCl is proven to heal and calm sunburns, acne and a wide variety of skin inflammations, all without irritation. Ours is the same technology that has been used for wound debridement in medical settings and for expensive prescription skin calming treatments. We control and represent a more concentrated, more stable and less expensive version of HOCl and have received FDA clearance for its use in the consumer products market.

We are actively engaged in discussions with consumer products companies to license our technology. Curious to learn more? Contact me today.

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