Technology: A Love Story

Monday, 23 May 2016 07:52
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It can end happily, but doesn't always.


Our world is brimming with all kinds of possibilities thanks to new technologies that are available to an increasingly wide audience. While these tools can enable a host of innovative products and new businesses, certain fundamentals remain unchanged.

Curious to learn more? Read on, dear friends...

Technology: A Love Story

Gary's excitement was plainly evident as he enthusiastically strode into his weekly meeting with Sarah, Jake and Jill. The 4 of them had been gathering for a couple of months in pursuit of a compelling idea to serve as the basis for a startup business. While their efforts to date had not yet borne fruit, Gary came to the meeting convinced that he had experienced a creative break through.

Jill had not yet arrived, but sensing Gary's eagerness to talk Sarah encouraged him to share what was on his mind. Gary began, "You guys are gonna love this idea. You know that my daughter Danielle is an avid runner. You've also heard me talk about how concerned I am about her safety, since she often runs alone."

He continued, "Well, it occurred to me that since she carries her iPhone with her to listen to music while she runs, it would make sense to use the iPhone as the basis for a personal safety system for runners. So many people run outdoors for exercise and own iPhones, it seems like a natural fit."

Ted was excited by Gary's intro and asked him to describe what he had in mind. Gary continued, "I'm thinking that we could devise a combination camera lens and sensor that could clip onto the back of a running shirt. It would wirelessly connect to the iPhone's built-in camera and cause the phone to vibrate when the sensor detected anyone behind her. This would signal to her to look at her phone's screen to see who might be approaching without her having to turn around to check."

Sarah jumped in, "And if she felt threatened, she could activate the phone's video recorder to make a recording of the suspicious looking person." Ted excitedly added, "If she confirmed that the person represented a true threat, she could transmit the video and her GPS coordinates to a monitoring service that would quickly dispatch help to her location. The service subscription could be the renewable revenue stream in our business model!" They continued to energetically discuss the idea with each team member adding notes to a blank dry erase board. The board filled rapidly.

Jill suddenly walked into the meeting and apologized for her tardiness. The group enthusiastically described their new start up business concept. She listened carefully, paused, and then spoke slowly, "I get it. I do. But how exactly would this represent a better solution than a wrist-mounted mirror and a canister of pepper spray?"

The room suddenly got very quiet...

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