Is The Right Talent On Your External Innovation Team?

Sunday, 07 February 2016 17:04
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External innovation challenges often can be effectively tackled by a diverse set of collaborators.


I think that many companies don't yet know or realize that strong creative technology and packaging reinterpretation skills can bring immense power to their company's external innovation efforts. This can require the skills of packaging designers, marketers and others, in addition to technologists. So, if you currently only have scientists on your external innovation team, you may wish to consider some helpful additions....

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Is The Right Talent On Your External Innovation Team?

I find that very often, the solutions for clients' technical challenges don't require the identification or development of novel external technical solutions. Rather, they involve the creative reinterpretation and customization of existing technologies and packaging. This raises the question of whether your company's external innovation team currently has all the right talent on it?

Sure, in some cases, specific problems do require that new technologies be developed and or identified in order to solve them. But that's not the case in many other instances. Rather than enlisting a lot of technical horsepower to address these, instead they need creative, dedicated project teams comprised of appropriately diverse talent.

A recent example? Sure. I'm currently working with a project team that is seeking to create a novel product which in addition to a distinctive appearance and in-use properties, will be delivered to the consumer by a clever dosing system to enable a highly emotionally rich use experience. The strongest external candidates we are considering represent customized versions of existing packaging and product solutions...innovative ones requiring some nifty creative adaptation skills, but no new science.

Our team includes the client's representatives: a skilled product designer, a creative marketer and a technical external innovation expert, and me. We've identified potential external partners based on their respective expertise and their particular existing technical solutions and we are now collaboratively guiding the creative reinterpretation of these solutions with our new external partners.

The next time your company faces a program challenge that it can't easily solve, don't automatically assume that the problem requires performing technical "heavy lifting" and should be supported strictly by technologists. Very often it can benefit from creative reinterpretation of existing solutions. Not surprisingly, this approach leverages diverse and complimentary professional skill sets. Contact me today and I'll show you how this approach can yield huge benefits for your company's external innovation challenges.

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