Stay of Execution: Resist Prematurely Defining New Product Executions

Sunday, 06 December 2015 17:04
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When timing is tight, it can be tempting to pick and go. Don't do it.


Most corporate project managers face aggressive new product commercialization timetables. This type of pressure can encourage project teams to prematurely define the final product execution before adequately exploring alternatives.

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Stay of Execution:

Resist Prematurely Defining

New Product Executions

This week's newsletter stresses the importance of remaining open to new

options prior to defining the final new product execution. In other words, don't converge prematurely. Otherwise, we risk missing out on some great solution alternatives.

Here's a current, disguised example intended to illustrate my point. In working with a client to identify a suitable unit dose package solution for our new product concept, we identified several different approaches and retail market executions consistent with each of these. While researching the manufacturability of one of these alternatives, I spoke with a leading supplier in that particular space. He described the challenges associated with manufacturing that particular solution with existing high speed equipment. In considering the critical product benefits and attributes, he suggested an existing, technically feasible option. This solution appears to represent a more attractive option than the execution I had described to him. Needless to say, we are enthusiastically researching this option.

Importantly, my client team has encouraged me to explore options, despite their being mindful of project timing. If they had pushed me to pursue the original execution without considering alternatives, it is likely we could have found a manufacturer that could have done it for us. However, doing so would have precluded the discovery of more suitable options.

I could share stories like this all day. My point is that program teams can easily (and understandably) become fixated on pursuing a particular new product execution in the interest of driving commercialization efforts and conserving time. While focus is key in new product development, it is also important to dedicate appropriate time to explore alternatives before setting the execution. It's time well worth spending.

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