"Fruber": For When You Need It Done Now

Sunday, 01 November 2015 17:04
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Many problems aren't necessarily complex. You just may not be able to solve them yourself.


Many day to day business challenges aren't necessarily exceptionally complex. However, many of these need to be solved on aggressive timing and for various reasons your internal team may lack the necessary time, expertise or even an appropriately qualified network to get this work done. What should you do? Call "Fruber".

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Call "Fruber": For When You Need It Done Now

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

Acme Company designs and markets electrical razors and they decide they also want to introduce some distinctive men's personal care products...on a tight timetable. As Acme's focus has been in devices, they lack the required internal product development expertise to create and commercialize these new products. Acme calls "Fruber"...our network partners specialize in personal care product and packaging development and product manufacturing.

Wiley Company sales team needs new product news next year for its sun care products line. Their internal R&D resources lack the time to do the necessary product development work themselves as they are currently focused on more critical and technically challenging obligations. Wiley calls "Fruber"...our network partner has proven sun care product development expertise that they have leveraged with well known specialty retailers.

Delightful Company has a pressing technical challenge within its arts and crafts products business and wishes to incorporate fresh inputs beyond those provided by their existing supplier base, including some from product categories external to their own. Delightful calls "Fruber"...we can leverage our knowledge of performance technologies from a host of product categories.

We provide fast, high quality and proven service across multiple product categories. Contact me today to discuss your needs. I'll tell you with complete candor what we can (or can't) do for you.

Note: "Fruber" has no relationship with, nor is it to be confused with Uber Technologies. It is our light hearted reference to on-demand services.

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