Details, Assumptions and Sweat...

Sunday, 23 August 2015 17:03
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Intelligent detail gathering and synthesis can require substantial time and concentration investment and won't always yield revelations. But if we consistently do our homework, our chances are good that we'll be rewarded for our diligence.

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Details, Assumptions and Sweat...

"The devil is in the details, but so is salvation"

Hyman G. Rickover

Is there anyone you know who enjoys sweating over details? I know that I don't. However, those of us who do this kind of work have undoubtedly found that the insights and learnings uncovered while making thorough inquiries can make such effort worthwhile. Consider the following current situation:

Last week, I shared several technology candidates with my client to address their challenge. Following discussion, I contacted the finalists to fill some information gaps with the intention of further narrowing the field.

Intriguingly, this research uncovered some important details. For instance, I learned that an assumption we had made about how one of the candidate's worked turned out to be incorrect. This assumption had caused us to underestimate this technology's ability to meet our performance target. We also learned that we have considerable lattitude to customize one of the other candidates without incurring additional expense or loss of time. This was an unexpected and welcome finding. Ultimately, this due diligence is providing valuable information to help influence our decision making and even our supplier negotiating strategy.

Did any of this work change the course of human history, save lives or advance our understanding of how the universe was created? Of course not. But that doesn't mean that the learnings weren't meaningful. In the end, especially for important decisions in our lives and professional worlds, it is usually wise to sweat the details, even "the small stuff". They often do matter.

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