Your Team Needs a Translator

Sunday, 02 August 2015 17:02
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Just as one should bring proper tools to successfully tackle a home improvement project, new product teams should leverage technology translation via a skilled translator to help them build winning new product concepts. You say that you don't know what technology translation is...?

Then read on, dear friends...

Your Team Needs a Translator

Strong product concepts contain compelling and motivating benefit promises (the "what") delivered via appealing product design features (the "how"). The choice of "how" is limited to the technical options the product team knows. In some cases, this may be fine. In other instances, it can present a real limitation. Technology translation can have a substantial impact on resolving thorny problem solving situations. I'll explain momentarily what technology translation is. First, I'll share an example of a problem situation that benefited from technology translation:

In India, public officials and citizens lament widespread public urination by men. So pervasive is the problem that they have attempted multiple approaches to address it, including shaming. Last year, a private activist group even staffed trucks to spray offending parties with water cannons: City managers in Hamburg, Germany faced a similar challenge as India, as revelers in red light districts persistently urinate upon "popular" walls. However, Hamburg has taken a fiendishly clever approach to address its problem: they've treated their walls with an super-hydrophobic paint (Ultra-Ever Dry) which causes a person's spray to spray back onto them. Ultra-Ever Dry was originally developed by a Florida based company as a treatment to splash-proof cars. Hamburg translated the technology to use with its problem. San Francisco city managers took note of this approach and followed suit, with encouraging results. Here's a video that describes how this deterrent works: .

This example demonstrates that technology translation can create powerful concepts and products. So, what is it? Technology translation involves drawing upon a diverse assortment of robust technologies from multiple product categories and selectively applying suitable ones to various challenges and needs. An individual who possess skill in technology translation is a technology translator. They can be an extremely useful resource.

Net, any team seeking to devise new product concepts should leverage technology translation to expand their benefit delivery options. I guarantee that it will significantly enhance their approach to new concept development. Call me today to discuss how to exploit technology translation in your next new product challenge.

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