Fire and Ice and Everything's Nice

Sunday, 28 June 2015 17:03
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Jon has been notified that he must report for his international Sales assignment in Siberia. Fortunately, someone has just told him that 1/8" (or less) of insulation will keep him feeling perfectly comfortable despite -50 degrees F and even lower temperatures. Should Jon believe him? After all, his life will depend upon this being true...

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Fire and Ice and Everything's Nice

Remember Jon? The guy who was stationed in Siberia (we talked about him in the intro above...). Let's fast forward 6 months. Jon's performance on his Siberian assignment has encouraged his management to transfer him to another project...this one is located in the Sahara Desert. Fortunately, someone just told him that the same insulation that was used in the tent that he lived in during the extremely cold winter temperatures in Russia is equally well suited for the 120 degree F conditions in Africa. Should he believe him again? In a word...yes!

Aerogels are a remarkably high performance insulator. NASA has developed an enhanced, ultra-thin, flexible, water-resistant aerogel. BFS Innovation's client is the exclusive licensee for many use applications. It is far superior to its predecessor and others in the market. In addition, our client has a fully developed and scalable supply chain to support our business relationships. Apparel, footwear, industrial insulation and more are only a few of the high value applications for this remarkable technology. Want to see a fun and dramatic demonstration of this high performance material? Check out the following video link:

Aerogel Demonstration
(As impressive as this demonstration is, it is an extremely conservative representation of the material's insulating properties). I invite you to contact me to discuss your interest.

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