Ask "What If?", Then Seize High Ground

Sunday, 07 June 2015 17:03
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Each of us can face constraints and limitations that can cause us to accept the sub-optimal. We should challenge ourselves to aim considerably higher. Curious to learn more? Read on, dear friends...

Ask "What If?",

Then Seize High Ground

The following is a true story that is occurring in real time. It reveals how, by asking "what if?" and acting deliberately to eliminate limitations and obstacles, we can seize (much) higher ground.

I was recently introduced to the CEO of a biomedical start up. Her company's technology has been proven in clinical trial to promote hair regrowth. My enthusiasm was tempered somewhat by learning that treatments need to be injected into the scalp in order to reach the mid-dermis, to access stem cells and trigger hair growth activity. This would prevent it from being self-administered. Up until this point, the company had focused on their core technology development and accepted this limitation.

What if they didn't have to accept this limitation? Self-treatment would greatly expand the treatment's business potential, as it would allow persons unable or unwilling to have treatment administered outside the home to become customers.

What, if anything, could enable self-treatment? The most obvious answer would be a topical preparation (such as how Rogaine is applied). Unfortunately, transdermal delivery systems typically don't enable materials to reach the mid dermis. 

What if they could transport actives to the mid-dermis? I researched topical micro-injectors. I found a unique system that could painlessly transport materials into the epidermis with claimed proven ability to diffuse actives into the dermis. To make an already long story just a little bit shorter...I've connected the two parties. They are currently exploring collaboration. While this doesn't guarantee success, it could represent a potentially viable path forward with huge upside potential for both companies. My point is that for any project, we should always set our sights higher to envision the benefits that we can realize by clearing constraints. Ask "what if?" to initiate problem solving. Then do the leg work necessary to create viable options. Finally, seize the high ground and push forward to win.

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