Time To Stir Your Secret Sauce?

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 06:52
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Oxford Dictionary defines "secret sauce" as a special feature or technique kept secret by an organization and regarded as being the chief factor in its success. However, if success starts to fade, it becomes time to stir the sauce.

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Time To Stir Your Secret Sauce?

Michael Lewis' best selling book Moneyball describes how Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane drove his team's success by pioneering the use of data analytics in baseball player personnel decision making. This approach is the A's secret sauce.

Lewis' book has encouraged other clubs to emulate Beane's approach. However, the Oakland A's continued success in recent years (this season, not so much, at least thus far) suggests that Beane has continued to evolve his analytics and personnel management strategies. Here's Stephen Shaw's interesting take on the topic: http://www.banishedtothepen.com/moneyball-2-0-oaklands-continued-success/The point is, Beane knows he has to keep stirring his secret sauce.

McDonald's secret sauce (I know what you're thinking...that's their special sauce) has long been its ubiquity and consistent product and restaurant quality made possible by solid supplier and operator relationships. With changing consumer preferences emphasizing wholesome and authentic food (McDonald's food is notoriously processed), these strengths alone are no longer sufficient to sustain their business vitality. McDonald's is now asserting food ingredient and taste credentials. It has become necessary for them to stir their sauce.

I have evolved my company's strategic approach to doing business as the competitive landscape within my field has become increasingly crowded and more nuanced. If your business is also facing dynamic market conditions, you may wish to consider whether it may be time for you to stir your secret sauce, too.

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