A Cure For Cold Feet

Sunday, 07 December 2014 17:02
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If you have ever experienced the misery of frozen toes in snow boots, or conversely, have had the pleasure of walking barefoot on comfortably heated bathroom tile floors on a frigid winter morning, then read on...

A Cure For Cold Feet

Most of us have experienced the misery of cold feet, especially in winter. We can try wearing extra pairs of socks or stuffing heater packets into our boots. There don't seem to be any good, convenient solutions. We've got a great one.

My client's patented technology is being used to develop highly efficient, cost effective heating systems, powered by batteries or household current, depending upon the application. The technology is a sprayable polymer coating that can be applied to metal, plastic or ceramic substrates. It is highly thermally conductive and radiates heat when thin wires pass electricity through it.

This powerful technology can support a host of applications. We are currently developing tunable heating systems (think: low, medium and high settings) for insoles, shoes and boots. In addition to uses for hikers, bikers, and military customers, we know that skiers currently pay in excess of $200 for battery powered ski boot heaters. We can design products that work better and cost considerably less to produce than these products. Beyond footwear, we are pursuing safe, long lasting, tunable therapeutic heat wraps to soothe aching muscles (think: a more customizable version of ThermaCare). My client has already demonstrated his technology's ability to create cost efficient heated flooring. We can also devise heated floor mats that keep ice from forming on outdoor walkways. Please contact me to inquire about this very powerful and exciting opportunity and to discuss its applicability to your needs.

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