Via Stone: Rock Beats Paper

Sunday, 24 August 2014 19:47
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A few weeks ago, I alluded to a disruptive innovation that my company is representing. These don't come along every day and I think this is quite remarkable. Read on, and let me know if you agree...

Via Stone: Rock Beats Paper

Via Stone's alternative to pulp/paper based decorative packaging is a prime example of a disruptive innovation. It is a patented, calcium carbonate based substrate that prints like paper, but is a far better printing medium in terms of appearance and texture. It also provides water resistance and vapor barrier without requiring the application of coatings. Further, it is photodegradable and recyclable. Also, its cost is comparable to the materials it replaces. This is particularly noteworthy as cost up-charges associated with sustainable solutions are often deal killers.

For applications such as decorative cartons (e.g. powdered dishwashing detergent, cosmetics), and printed labels (e.g. liquid detergent bottles, cosmetics, bottled beverages) Via Stone's superb combination of appearance, performance and cost make a highly compelling value proposition. Via Stone performs comparably to BOPP and uses about 80% less plastic. Unlike paper, it uses no fresh water in the production process and consumes far less energy to produce.

We are enlisting partners to introduce this revolutionary material into the market. We are partnering selectively due to material capacity limitations as we continue to build manufacturing beyond our currently operating Asian facilities. We are already in touch with some of you and engaging in discussions and trials. If you are curious about Via Stone and its potential applicability to your business, please contact me today. While I can't guarantee near-term material supply in all instances, the sooner we speak, the better the chances of our achieving a workable arrangement.

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