Bioformix Delivers True Customer Value

Monday, 03 June 2013 06:30
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In the B2B world, it is rare to find a provider that can radically increase customer profitability without also necessitating (negative) tradeoffs. Meet Bioformix.

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Bioformix Delivers True Customer Value

Business owners commonly seek to enhance profitability via cost reductions. Visionary business leaders may go one step further and seek profit enhancement by "changing the game" and radically reimagining their go-to-market approach. For customers that depend upon industrial coatings and adhesives in production, Bioformix can be a game changer.

BFS client, Ohio-based start-up Bioformix ( offers its customers solutions that can significantly increase their profitability by dramatically reducing production cost factors such as energy consumption and assembly time. Bioformix's solutions eliminate or dramatically minimize energy consumption in manufacturing. Their proprietary, environmentally-friendly adhesives, sealants, coatings and composites achieve this goal by enabling energy free, virtually instant curing, and/or eliminating the need for solvents.

Bioformix's technology's performance can directly translate into significantly increased throughput and energy cost savings. How much? One automaker investor reports that 60% of its plant build and operating costs generate in the paint shop.Bioformix eliminates virtually all of those costs, and more. Eliminating heat also enables the use of a broad range of new, previously unavailable materials options that previously could not withstand the paint ovens. Such innovations have a huge appeal for companies whose existing production processes are often energy intensive and constrained by bond cure timing. Accordingly, Bioformix's customer list includes major automobile manufacturers, electronics makers and cabinet assembly companies.

Bioformix uniquely provides the means to significantly enhance customer productivity and reduce its costs (i.e. improve its profitability). The companies that capitalize on Bioformix's technology view it as a total solution, not as a simple adhesive or coatings purchase. They absorb the cost premium, because the return on investment is exceptionally high. Those that fixate on increases in a material cost component without examining the substantial overall cost and productivity savings will miss out on the bigger opportunity.

To learn about Bioformix and how its technology may be profitably applied to your business, please contact Michael at (614) 937-2408 to discuss.

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