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Tuesday, 24 January 2012 06:30
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I slowly opened my eyes. Where was I? The room was still spinning from the night before. My head throbbed, and I slowly started putting things together.

Then suddenly, a knock at the door. Before I could mutter the words, "Come in", the door pushed open and in walked a tall, slender man in an olive green trenchcoat and with troubles on his mind. "Michael, I need your help.

I pointed to a chair in front of my desk and motioned to my visitor to sit down. He made his way across the room, sat quickly and appeared eager to unburden himself. Sensing his discomfort, I asked him, "Can I offer you something to drink?" He shook his head, cleared this throat and began to speak:

"Michael, my company makes and sells cheese. We've become concerned about the risk of gram negative bacteria contaminating our cheese and triggering an expensive and reputation damaging recall. Can you help me, please?"

I sat silently for a moment, studying him and then smiled. "Yes, I have your answer. BFS Innovations is licensing a patented technology developed by one of the world's best known food products companies. When used at proper concentrations, it is more effective than the market leading solution at inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria in products like cheese. We can make it available to you for testing."

"That's just what I need!", he announced, rising from the chair. And with that...he was gone. I never saw him again...though his R&D Director was in touch the very next day.  

If you are curious to learn about this particular solution or wish to discuss other vexing technology problems that you may have...give me a call at 614 937-2408.

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