"Here's to the Crazy Ones...."

Monday, 31 October 2011 06:30
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I love mad scientists. I really do...but I tend to admire them from a safe distance. Curious to learn more? Read on, dear friends....

"Here's to the Crazy Ones..."

The world needs mad scientists and passionate inventors. They're the ones who tend to shake things up. Some even make signficant contributions to the world. I have respect for them and their often considerable talents. On occasion, I am drawn into their gravitational pull to represent them to customers. For the most part however, I tend to admire them from a distance.

As someone whose business involves connecting technology providers and seekers, I have found that corporate clients seek to satisfy approved and often fairly specific technology needs. With very limited exceptions, I find that it is often far more productive and rewarding for me to source specific, proven solutions for corporate clients than to try to earn customers' interest in an inventor's particular offering.  

Beyond this, corporate clients require from technology providers what many inventors often lack: functional prototypes, robust IP protection, compelling product research, and extensive technical test data. Because of this, I've learned to focus my energies on solution providers with reasonably well developed tech bundles. To do otherwise, is to invite failure.

The world needs those who "think different". However, a tough business reality for many inventors to grasp is that being a creative thinker isn't sufficient for success. The ones who can back up their provocative assertions with credible, substantial and relevant support get invtied to the table for business discussions. The rest are left to their thoughts. 


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