On Babies and Bathwater

Monday, 24 October 2011 06:30
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Companies may reject 96+% of the unsolicited open innovation technology submissions they receive. Savvier ones don't also reject 96+% of submitters.

Curious to learn more? Read on, dear friends....On Babies and BathwaterShrewd companies recognize that a small, select percentage of submitter relationships are worth preserving and cultivating. Their representatives show high regard for these relationships, which distinguishes them those who treat each submission as an anonymous one-off. 
In my frequent interactions with companies practicing OI, only a select few consistently work to ensure that my submissions get a fair and thorough assessment. In addtion, there is typically implicit reciprocation associated with the relationship which encourages me to preferentially select them as my business partner. 

Some companies (including some larger ones that should know better) don't seem to understand that cultivating select relationships will help sustain them over time. After all, a submitter who sees the relationship as anonymous and one-sided, will quickly find it unsatisfying...and will move on. 

Regrettably, the companies that don't value relationships may not even recognize their shortsightedness. They may continue to show growth in the total number of inbound unsolicited submissions received. However, this may well obscure an erosion in their overall quality over time as higher potential submitters opt out.  

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