How Vital Are "Contacts" in New Business Development?

Monday, 03 October 2011 06:30
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Last week, I learned from a technology provider that he had decided not to accept my new business development proposal. He reasoned that he didn't need my assistance as he already had leads in to many of the same corporations that I could introduce him to. His reasoning may prove to be sound. It is also possible that he isn't considering the important distinction between "having leads" and having experience and credibility with corporate influencers and decision makers.

 Without question, a technology's merits determine its attractiveness to corporate customers, not relationships. However, there is also value in being skilled at helping to put and keep opportunities in play with companies to ensure they are fully considered. Key aspects of this include persusaively communicating a client's value proposition and providing steady and consistent advocacy.

In this era of open innovation, anyone can access corporations for purposes of submitting a technical value offering. Each of us should also recognize that an open door is only the start of the engagement process. I welcome your thoughts and experiences on this topic.    

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