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Monday, 12 September 2011 06:30
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Microencapsules are used in a host of product applications, ranging from pharmaceuticals, to cosmetics, to flavors/fragrances and foods. Essentially, they provide two types of benefits: either to keep what is contained within the microcapsule (the core) from exposure to outside environment....or, to control the release of the material from the core.

In either case, microcapsule production tends to involve somewhat involved and lengthy processes using a variety of chemical components.

BFS Innovations represents the developer of a proprietary microencapsulation process. Dr. Joseph Resnick is a former NASA scientist, who is one of the most brilliant men I've ever had the opportunity to know and work with. His process creates uniform, all natural (beeswax!) microcapsules that can be produced simply, quickly and much less expensively relative to other conventional microencapsulation technologies and processes. He has fully commercialized this technology and it is currently being applied in-market for environmentally-friendly oil spill bio-remediation.  

Put simply, this breakthrough technology is adaptable to virtually any product application where you would consider applying microcapsules, but might elect not to for reasons related to cost or materials used in the processing. Let me know your interest in discussing.   Confidently Establish Your Asian Supply Chain Does your company currently purchase products or commodities on a continuous basis in large quantities? If so, if you may have considered overseas supply options as a means of controlling cost...but don't know how to go about establishing a high quality overseas supply chain. Proinnovative, through its expert, proven Chinese product and quality assurance network helps its clients to significantly lower cost of goods while ensuring product quality. Proinnovative provides a short Asian supply chain with integrated quality controls. Importantly, Proinnovative program leads speak fluent English and insure accurate communication of customer project requirements. Its services include Product Development, Sourcing, Purchasing, Quality Assurance, Production and Logistics. Call me today to learn how Proinnovative can help your company to realize significant product cost efficiencies with high quality assurance.Our clients include some of the world's biggest and best known consumer products companies. Contact us today to learn how bfs innovations can help your Company to achieve better, faster, smarter external innovation success. Best regards,Michael 
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