Handling the Truth

Monday, 15 August 2011 06:30
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In business and in life, individuals can be reluctant to share unpleasant information with others. I'm not talking about concealing facts in cases where criminal wrongdoing may be involved. Obviously, that's a bad idea. Instead, I'm referring to more common situations, such as a manager sharing the outcome of a (failed) job interview with an internal applicant, or an analyst revealing disappointing results of a high profile corporate sales campaign.

Whether out of compassion or to avoid having to confront others and possibly prompt a stressful confrontation, some can be tempted to "position" the truth. 

I'm not suggesting that one should be insensitive when delivering emotionally and/or politically charged information. However, I feel that most people would prefer to receive the straight scoop, even when the message is uncomfortable (and sometimes it is). These exchanges provide an opportunity to give and receive candid information/feedback that can be instructional and useful. When one is more concerned about not upsetting another than in sharing the truth, they can end up wasting both parties' time. And who can afford that?

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