Are You an Open Innovation Mensch?

Tuesday, 02 August 2011 06:30
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"Mensch" is a Yiddish word that has been incoporated into American English and is used to describe a "good person", someone of integrity and honor. As in "John is a real mensch. He always does the right thing".

Those who practice in the field of open innovation frequently have a broad range of personal interactions, including corporate gatekeepers and/or clients, technology providers, business intermediaries, and more. In the course of our dealings, we form impressions of these individuals (and they of us) based upon demonstrated behaviors. I wish to highlight some of the personality traits that I believe are consistent with being considered "an open innovation mensch". Why share this info? Others' perceptions of us help shape opinions (including whether or not to do business with us). So, here goes. An open innovation mensch:

Is respectful of others' time. Routinely arrives on time and prepared for scheduled meetings. Takes personal responsiblity for meeting commmitments in a timely fashion and ensuring that real progress is being made to reach decision points.   

Goes beyond polite/cordial to being considerate: Actively works to add value for other parties involved in the business relationship, irrespective of whether a business transaction may occur.  

Is open and transparent: Ensures that everyone in the relationship is treated fairly and respectfully. Seeks objective and unambiguous success definition and action standards.  

Is direct and candid: No surprises.   

How do each of us measure up? As importantly (or possibly more so), would others describe us as having these qualifties?  

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