Capabilities: Consumer Products

Consumer products companies must develop and introduce new products with ever-increasing speed and nimbleness. They are exploring and entering into external partnerships to facilitate their new product development efforts. New product development often poses new challenges that require expertise and technologies beyond these companies’ core competencies.

Our Capabilities

BFS Innovations’ extensive experience in new product development has been tested and demonstrated over time across multiple product categories and forms. We successfully and consistently deliver on-target solutions for our clients. We ensure alignment with our clients on program objectives, deliverables, timing and process and then move swiftly to diligently and creatively tackle their problems. We actively collaborate with our clients and deliver consistently successful outcomes.

Our expertise (including our professional network) ranges across most client needs, such as:

  • New opportunity identification (melding consumer and technical insights)
  • Cross-category technology scouting
  • Product formulation
  • Product manufacturing (including OTC)
  • Package development
  • Medical device design and supply chain
  • Partner pre-qualification
  • Partner relationship management


  • Mike is an innovative, out-of-the-box thinker who is always looking for new ways to build value in existing brands as well as identify new business opportunities. He is adept at identifying relevant applications for new technologies/ideas. Not only is he a good idea person, he is also good at execution and follow-through.

    • Position President, Wholesale, Outlets and Canada at Consumer Products Company
  • Michael is hardworking, bright and creative. I have worked with Michael for about a year and found him a joy to work with. I recomend him to others.

    • Position Managing Director - Venture Capital Fund Company
  • Mike is the "go to" guy on projects. He is a great low maintenance partner. If you need a result but not sure what means will get you there, Mike is your man. He is creative and determined. Tell him what you want and set him loose.

    • Position Vice President, Vice President, Brand Development and Category Leader at Leading Specialty Retailer
  • Mike brings a unique combination of high energy level, native curiosity, ability to connect the dots and excellent interpersonal skills. He has the creativity and passion you would hope for with a champion of new products and technology. Because he has the benefit of scientific training and logical thinking, he is more then a typical marketing or "idea" guy.

    • Position President, Promotional Products Company

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